On the road again

I'm in the middle of four weeks, four countries tour. I returned from surprisingly sunny UK couple days ago to the grey and grim Stockholm, and fly over to Finland for few days next week. On Saturday I will board the ferry to Riga with my class, and we will spend two weeks there working on client cases and living somewhere in Riga old town (any Riga tips are most welcome). 

The challenge will be to keep healthy while travelling, lot of bus and planes does not do good for the body! There will also be four languages and three currencies, and I already felt bit confused yesterday when I was doing groceries :D Riga will be completely different as well, since I will not understand anything once we get there. It has been a long time since I have been in a country where I have zero capability in understanding the local language. I think the last time was my friend's wedding in Lithuania three years ago, and even there I was always around someone who was fluent. It will be an interesting trip for sure!