One step forward with knitting

True to my style of taking leaps with knitting projects, I bought some yarn from a local dyer in Exeter in skeins, with the idea that I will make a lovely, chunky winter scarf for myself. There were few minor details I didn't have covered: I had a vision, but no pattern or idea how much yarn I would need, nor I knew what to do with the skeins to get them in a more workable shape. Luckily, this time too, I can say that I had many learning points along the way, and in the end it turned out just fine!

My first concern was to figure out the skeins. I knew youtube and google would help me, so through some blogs I found my way to couple of good videos on how to turn the skeins to balls that would not undo. The tool for that is called nostepinne, which I find funny since it kind of sounds Finnish, but it is not. I also decided I did not need this fancy tool, but could use a carelian pie rolling pin instead :D Creating the balls took maybe 20 minutes each, but in the end it was totally worth it. The balls turned out beautiful, and were super easy to work with afterwards - no tangles or undoing.

Contrary to my style, I did do a swatch this time. This was mostly due to the yarn not having guidance on needles and tension, so I had to check that. Then I designed a pattern around a large braid, using just pen and paper and drawing it there on a grid. Knitting was surprisingly easy, I thought it would have required more effort to follow the pattern. My initial target was to get this started just before we go to Riga, and finish before we came back. Unfortunately I was a bit ill, and we had to work so much that there was very limited time for knitting, and I finished the work couple days late on Monday or Tuesday. I've been wearing the scarf since, and it has been very nice! I can already tell it will be one of my favourites :)