Stockholm cafes

Cafe culture in Stockholm is doing well, and this is a promised land for a friend of sweet breads and coffee! Overall the standard is high, so the opportunity to end up in a nice place is high too. However, it makes the misses ever more bitter. Therefore I am looking to do some groundwork for Stockholm visitors, and the mission for these two years is to check out a number of Stockholm cafes! I probably won't make it everywhere (there are time and budgetary constraints), but the outcome should be several good cafes to recommend.

I am not going to have a very scientific or quantitative approach, but I will try to focus on certain features to ensure somewhat comparable results. Additionally, I can only evaluate the tea selection, as I do not drink any coffee. Sometimes I might have a coffee drinker with me, or I might make an educated guess based on the style of the place as well as some recommendations or reviews. I will pay attention to general ambience, price-quality ratio (I am a student after all), selection, whether the place is good for working or studying and any other detail I might consider worthwhile mentioning. I will also try to take photos of every place, of either the space or my plate.

Snickarbacken 7 from outside

Snickarbacken 7 from outside

My intention is to include the following categories into every review, but I will keep the liberty to change them any time if I think it helps my cause as the project proceeds.

Where: The address, neighbourhood, and maybe the underground (T-bana) station. However, I am usually going by foot, so having T-bana info is an added bonus.
What: What kind of a place it is? Just coffee and buns, or is there lunch or other food as well?
Order: What did I have and how much did it cost? The currency might be changing here, but I think I will try to do this in euros. 

Comments: In this section I will focus on service, very good stuff, any cons or issues, whether the place is good for working (wifi and power outlets) or more for social interaction or brunch. I will also evaluate the price-quality ratio in this part. 

Finally, I will get to the most important question when it comes to business: would I go again?

I have previously written cafe reviews from London, you can find them here. I have also listed some of the best hot chocolates here. In addition to these, I am sure I can find enough material for a cinnamon bun list too!