Back for a month

I came back from travels yesterday, and today will be exactly a month to go until my next trip begins. In between I have two modules to cover, so the tight schedule will continue. I have somewhat recovered from travelling, but not so much that I would have checked what the new modules are. I can do that later today or even tomorrow. All lectures and seminars automatically appear in my calendar, which is very convenient. 

The modules take three weeks, and the last week is dedicated to other university related programme. CEMS is a collaboration degree between around thirty business schools, and I am enrolled in that too. It is another degree on top of your standard masters degree. Annually all graduates gather in one participant school to celebrate the graduation, and this year it will be hosted by SSE. Even though I won't be graduating yet, I will take part in the event organisation. The programme runs from Wednesday to Sunday, and the main event, the graduation itself, will be held at Globen on the first Saturday of December. I have volunteered for almost every day, and I am awaiting for more information on schedule.

After the CEMS weekend we have a day off, a short introduction to the next period, and then we are off for Christmas! It is not pure holiday though, as we have four hand-ins during the break. Luckily they can be done remotely, so everyone can decide if they wish to stay in Stockholm or go somewhere else. My travel plan for the break is Stockholm-Helsinki-India-Helsinki-London-Stockholm, so it will be quite a lot of travelling again :D