Why you won't hear from me for a while

There is no subtle start here or easing in, we have gone ahead with full speed from day one. Below is a glimpse of this and the coming week:

Tuesday - Morning class 8-12, reading for Wednesday the afternoon, work on a group report 16-21. 

Wednesday - Full day of classes 9-17, dinner party with exchange students 19-23, reading in the evening

Thursday - Morning class 8-12, reading for a group case, finish off group report (1-2h), more reading, cooking dinner and hopefully few hours off to relax

Friday - Morning laundry slot, half day prepare for group case and half day write individual case 1

Saturday - Finish case 1 for Monday, do Monday's readings (two papers and two TED talks), read individual case 2

Sunday - Group case meeting and working 3-4 hrs, start writing case 2 and read case 3, submit case 1

Monday - Morning class, finish group case 3-4 hrs, write case 2

Tuesday - Morning class, read for Wednesday, finish case 2, write case 3 and submit both.

Wednesday - classes 8-17, submit group case.