Coming up

My life has a lot of new things to it, new city, new university, new friends, new blog. So what can you expect to read about in the coming weeks and months? As before, the topics will be focused on my interests and everyday life. 

The big themes will be:

Study study study - University life is something that has really taken over my life, so I expect it to be covered in great detail. Everything from assignment anxiety, what I actually study, how Stockholm School of Economics is and student life to some field trips we will be doing in my programme.

Food - It is no secret I love food. Eating, cooking, baking, anything goes. I will continue to visit and evaluate cafes around the city in search of nice tea and wonderful cakes. Hopefully I will be able to have some restaurant experiences too even though the student budget sets some limits to it.

Cycling - Currently my favourite sport, which I will try to find time for. I got a new bike this summer, and I have been super happy with it. Cycling will also provide a supply of nice pictures from rides around Stockholm.

Stockholm - I have visited the city many times before, but it will be very different to experience it as an insider. I will try to experience or see something new every week in order to continuously expand my living environment. Naturally I will share my findings here.

Sweden - This topic may take a bit longer time to evolve, but I think some cultural differences will arise. I already have had some grocery shopping shocks, but other things may take longer time to come up.

Travel - I do not consider myself as a frequent traveller, but I guess I do end up in different places without consciously thinking that I am going travelling now. As a teaser I think you can expect some posts from Sweden, Finland, Latvia, India, Greece and UK over the coming academic year!