Lux Helsinki

The annual Helsinki outdoor light show Lux Helsinki actually took place towards the end of the holiday, but I decided I will write about holiday in whatever order I feel like. 

I have always visited Lux Helsinki when possible, and each year it has been bigger and more popular than before. This year the popularity was further increased due to relatively warm weather after few days of freezing temperatures. During the first days the temperature was -20C degrees, but by weekend it was only few minus degrees. Additionally, it feels like the "lights on" time has decreased, packing the visitors to fewer hours, but I am not sure though. Over the nine years the event has changed a lot: now there are both videos and sound when compared to first years. Another change is the tighter focus in the city centre area. Maybe around five years ago the route was all the way from the Cathedral to the Olympic Stadium, but this year it was mostly circling the Cathedral. I suppose this also has an impact as the larger crowds don't spears so much. 

The huge popularity, which is also becoming international, is of course very great thing, but long gone are the days when you could enjoy the installations with just few fellow observers without the crowds :D

Below are some (shaken) photos of this year's offering! The Cathedral is usually very nice, but this year it was a bit of a disappointment. Instead my favourite was a video about a bear and a lynx in a fores. It was by Marimekko and displayed on the wall of the Bank of Finland. I even took some video of it, but I am not technically advanced enough to post it here today. I will sort out posting videos some other time.