Hello from sick leave! Two weeks ago I was cycling home from work, and then I was lying on the street and my arm looked and felt weird. Despite the slow speed, I was done over by the tram tracks: Front wheel lost the grip and I fell. Thankfully the passers-by were nurses having some time off and lots of goodwill, so they helped me, called the ambulance, waited for it, and took care of my bike.

Everything else was fine - head was not hit, clothes not torn (not even tights!), no visible wounds, bike ok - my arm and elbow area was just hurting like hell. It turned out to be a broken bone. And yes, properly broken, not just fractured. It had really snapped as the upper arm took all impact from the fall. As a result of the bone snap, a nerve got stretched so my wrist and fingers are not yet working properly.

For the time being the blog will be some kind of recovery diary, as it is expected to be a long time until I am fully recovered. The bone will take at least six weeks, the injured nerve perhaps months. Welcome along for the journey!