Ice cream update!

The weather has been favourable to my ice cream tests at Kungsholmens Glassfabrik, and I can confirm that I made good progress in May. Their offering of half-scoops also helps. Sadly, the price of my regular order (2 scoops, 4 flavours) has gone up by 5 SEK. The pricing was very reasonable to begin with, so the increase is tolerable. The scale is relative, it is in the context of ice cream that is very good to begin with - any one of these I could have again.

The evaluation criteria is quite strict, mostly because the baseline quality is already so high - this is definitely first class ice cream we are talking about! I could eat any of these again, some I would just much prefer over others. In general, I like ice creams that are not too sweet, and the flavour has to be balanced and strong. Mouthfeel is also important: ice cream has to be soft and melting in mouth. 


Basilica-lemon sorbet
Mint-lime sorbet
Black currant sorbet

Passion sorbet
Mango sorbet
Raspberry sorbet


Bergamot sorbet
Guava sorbet

* no nutty flavours tested due to allergy - they have at least almond-raspberry, hazelnut and pistachio


This is my regular place when the weather is less than ideal, since indoors there is steady, bit dim athmosphere with nice music and candle light. There are no windows indoors, so one can be in blissful ignorance if there is a grey day or April snowfall (I really hope I do not get to witness it this year!)



Snickarbacken 7, a bit North from Stureplan along Birger Jarlsgatan. No evening opening, but bonus for Sunday opening.

Coffee, tea, filled rolls, cake and sweet buns, as well as light lunch. Brunch (plates) on weekends. Additionally, there is a changing art gallery on the walls.

Tea + cake approx. 7.50e




- This is fairly pricey place for a standard cafe, a cup of tea costs almost four euros. At least tea is ok, and both cakes and athmosphere are excellent. The cakes are fairly traditional Nordic coffee cakes, buns, biscuits and basic chocolate cake.
- No special comments about service, but be prepared to queue to place your order.
- Snickarbacken7 is very good for working (there is wifi, and some power plugs) and for coffees or lunching.

Would I go again?

For sure! I have been here on several occasions, partly because I live close by. The place also has unique and timeless feel, which brings nice variation.

Stockholm cafes

Cafe culture in Stockholm is doing well, and this is a promised land for a friend of sweet breads and coffee! Overall the standard is high, so the opportunity to end up in a nice place is high too. However, it makes the misses ever more bitter. Therefore I am looking to do some groundwork for Stockholm visitors, and the mission for these two years is to check out a number of Stockholm cafes! I probably won't make it everywhere (there are time and budgetary constraints), but the outcome should be several good cafes to recommend.

I am not going to have a very scientific or quantitative approach, but I will try to focus on certain features to ensure somewhat comparable results. Additionally, I can only evaluate the tea selection, as I do not drink any coffee. Sometimes I might have a coffee drinker with me, or I might make an educated guess based on the style of the place as well as some recommendations or reviews. I will pay attention to general ambience, price-quality ratio (I am a student after all), selection, whether the place is good for working or studying and any other detail I might consider worthwhile mentioning. I will also try to take photos of every place, of either the space or my plate.

Snickarbacken 7 from outside

Snickarbacken 7 from outside

My intention is to include the following categories into every review, but I will keep the liberty to change them any time if I think it helps my cause as the project proceeds.

Where: The address, neighbourhood, and maybe the underground (T-bana) station. However, I am usually going by foot, so having T-bana info is an added bonus.
What: What kind of a place it is? Just coffee and buns, or is there lunch or other food as well?
Order: What did I have and how much did it cost? The currency might be changing here, but I think I will try to do this in euros. 

Comments: In this section I will focus on service, very good stuff, any cons or issues, whether the place is good for working (wifi and power outlets) or more for social interaction or brunch. I will also evaluate the price-quality ratio in this part. 

Finally, I will get to the most important question when it comes to business: would I go again?

I have previously written cafe reviews from London, you can find them here. I have also listed some of the best hot chocolates here. In addition to these, I am sure I can find enough material for a cinnamon bun list too!