ice cream

Ice cream update!

The weather has been favourable to my ice cream tests at Kungsholmens Glassfabrik, and I can confirm that I made good progress in May. Their offering of half-scoops also helps. Sadly, the price of my regular order (2 scoops, 4 flavours) has gone up by 5 SEK. The pricing was very reasonable to begin with, so the increase is tolerable. The scale is relative, it is in the context of ice cream that is very good to begin with - any one of these I could have again.

The evaluation criteria is quite strict, mostly because the baseline quality is already so high - this is definitely first class ice cream we are talking about! I could eat any of these again, some I would just much prefer over others. In general, I like ice creams that are not too sweet, and the flavour has to be balanced and strong. Mouthfeel is also important: ice cream has to be soft and melting in mouth. 


Basilica-lemon sorbet
Mint-lime sorbet
Black currant sorbet

Passion sorbet
Mango sorbet
Raspberry sorbet


Bergamot sorbet
Guava sorbet

* no nutty flavours tested due to allergy - they have at least almond-raspberry, hazelnut and pistachio

Kungsholmens Glassfabrik


I have always been a fan of ice cream, but my taste has changed and refined over the years. In Finland the small-brand ice creams have really taken off in the past couple of years with Jymy, 3 kaveria, and Suomen jäätelö. This has lead me to explore other small producers as well as I travel. In Stockholm I have mostly stumbled upon the ice cream places as I move about town - that happened also with Kungsholmens Glassfabrik (Kungsholmen's ice cream factory). 


Pipersgatan 4, on Kungsholmen as the name suggests. Closest tunnelbana is Rådhuset, opening hours are somewhat limited.

Ice creams, to have in or to take away in cones, cups or tubs.

2 scoops, approximately 4e. 


- The selection was good and more skewed towards actual flavours than just making an ice cream out of a candy or cookie.
- When I had hard time choosing just two flavours, the lady suggested she can do four half scoops! This was fabulous.
- All flavours I tried (bergamot, passion, cardamom, chocolate) were good, balanced taste with not too much sugar. 
- The space is simple but nice, it is ok to sit and enjoy the ice cream but less nice to spend longer time.

Would I go again?

Yes! I have to taste more of the selection, there were some that I would definitely want to try still. Additionally, I think the pricing is very reasonable.