Cherry blossoms

Spring and blossoming trees have been inseparable features ever since I moved to UK. Magnolia and cherry blossoms are a sure sign of spring! Kungsträdgården in the city centre has many cherry trees, and since mid-April I was pondering if I will miss the short blossoms while I was away for couple of short trips. To my surprise the blossoms were at their best only after I returned from my latest trip in early May. That day though the weather was very miserable, rainy and cold, nothing like last year's blue sky and crisp temperature.

The warm weather over last weekend brought out the blossoms in other places too, and I saw those both when I was out running and cycling. Kungsträdgården's trees are a sight since they are so many in one place, but during the blossoms there are lot of people and the surroundings in general are not so attractive apart from the trees themselves. Haga park also had blossoming cherry trees with no crowds, and the lake backdrop was very nice.

This weekend I also spotted some magnolias. They are very common in UK, but here in Nordics I haven't seen (m)any apart from Marimekko's Keisarinna print. As I stopped for a little break during my cycle ride, I noted that lilacs might be in blossom already next weekend should the warm weather continue.


Yay! Spring is on its way

The title represents my feelings from the past week. At times it is quite warm already, and finally sun has been more the rule than exception. It is not proper warm yet, one still needs a light winter coat as the wind is brutal. It also rains, but yesterday's rain made me very happy indeed: it smelt of spring. The streets still require cleaning from the sand/grit, so I don't mind some light rain every once in a while. It keeps the dust levels under control.

Generally, the light and blue sky do lighten the mood, and have made me write more. I have written some posts ready during my travels over the past two weeks, and I will be sharing a range of things old and new.

In the coming week we shall
- do a trip to Uppsala
- return to last summer
- have some coffee (or more like tea)
- find out where have I been the past weeks

Apologies for the second post in a row with no pictures - the coming posts should more than compensate ;)