Return to Stockholm

The spring term (my final one!) is on with full speed, and the toughest part is maybe over by now. The first weeks were one big blur as I had three courses in parallel. Luckily one finished early March, so I will have bit more peace now. There is no need to worry though that I would not have enough to do - applying for a job keeps me very busy! I am graduating this summer, and my target is to have a job offer by then. We will see what happens, right now it doesn't look all too promising. The situations can take quick turns though, I just need to send the applications and have some patience while waiting for the responses. 

Arriving into Stockholm late January, very early morning.

Arriving into Stockholm late January, very early morning.

Back in action

Hello, long time no see! (sorry)

I am now back in Stockholm, and classes are full on again. I returned from my travels on Monday-Tuesday night, with a plane flu that kept me laying low for a couple of days. It wasn't entirely bad thing: I had no classes until Thursday, so I had good time to unpack and settle back in. The language settings are still on English though, I seem to be unable to say the little things I used to say in Swedish before the break. Anyway this should get a shock correction as I finally start Swedish classes on Monday! Two hours, twice a week in the evenings for the entire spring. Hopefully this will do something to bring out the hiding Swedish skills that I have from my earlier education...

Otherwise this term will have very different courses than those in the autumn. We will have corporate finance, global markets theory and the first part of thesis. And Swedish for me, which is an add on module that gives me no credits, just the pleasure of learning :D 

Back for a month

I came back from travels yesterday, and today will be exactly a month to go until my next trip begins. In between I have two modules to cover, so the tight schedule will continue. I have somewhat recovered from travelling, but not so much that I would have checked what the new modules are. I can do that later today or even tomorrow. All lectures and seminars automatically appear in my calendar, which is very convenient. 

The modules take three weeks, and the last week is dedicated to other university related programme. CEMS is a collaboration degree between around thirty business schools, and I am enrolled in that too. It is another degree on top of your standard masters degree. Annually all graduates gather in one participant school to celebrate the graduation, and this year it will be hosted by SSE. Even though I won't be graduating yet, I will take part in the event organisation. The programme runs from Wednesday to Sunday, and the main event, the graduation itself, will be held at Globen on the first Saturday of December. I have volunteered for almost every day, and I am awaiting for more information on schedule.

After the CEMS weekend we have a day off, a short introduction to the next period, and then we are off for Christmas! It is not pure holiday though, as we have four hand-ins during the break. Luckily they can be done remotely, so everyone can decide if they wish to stay in Stockholm or go somewhere else. My travel plan for the break is Stockholm-Helsinki-India-Helsinki-London-Stockholm, so it will be quite a lot of travelling again :D

Intro week

It's been a month, believe it or not, and as you probably have noticed I have barely written about uni! Well there is no doubt you will hear a lot about it in the future, but I thought I could look back to my first weeks here. Let's start from the beginning.

Tuesday hangout

Tuesday hangout

I arrived on Monday 22 August, which was also the official start of the intro week before studies. I basically just landed, took a bus and taxi to my place, and went out to join the activities. We had a scavenger hunt around Stockholm, including taking photos and laser tag. After five hours of running around, it was time to go home, have dinner and head out again for the welcome party! Luckily Tuesday was more relaxing as we were just hanging out in a park with games, sunshine and some food.

Registration in the Boardroom

Registration in the Boardroom

Wednesday was the first "proper" day as we had full official programme 9-16, including the registration. It was quite different process than what I have done before, as each student signed a book that contained all students' signatures (maybe ever? Or then they are on a further volume now. Anyways everyone has always signed a book). In addition to this, we went to the Pricipal's office in groups of five and had a chat with him. It felt very nice and personal despite the fact that we were the last group of the year to register. So basically he had spent past two days just doing this meeting all new students thing!

Wednesday was also the first time when I got to meet my course, as intro week was spent in mixed groups. We are 42, and 15 different nationalities, so quite a diverse bunch!


Thursday had programme introduction and team building agenda, and on Friday morning we had our very first lecture, as well as an assignment. Saturday was back to fun as we spent the day in Gröna Lund amusement park, and concluded the week with a sittning. Sittning is an event of songs, drinks and food in a very merry spirit. Super fun. 

Getting seated for the sittning

Getting seated for the sittning

Why you won't hear from me for a while

There is no subtle start here or easing in, we have gone ahead with full speed from day one. Below is a glimpse of this and the coming week:

Tuesday - Morning class 8-12, reading for Wednesday the afternoon, work on a group report 16-21. 

Wednesday - Full day of classes 9-17, dinner party with exchange students 19-23, reading in the evening

Thursday - Morning class 8-12, reading for a group case, finish off group report (1-2h), more reading, cooking dinner and hopefully few hours off to relax

Friday - Morning laundry slot, half day prepare for group case and half day write individual case 1

Saturday - Finish case 1 for Monday, do Monday's readings (two papers and two TED talks), read individual case 2

Sunday - Group case meeting and working 3-4 hrs, start writing case 2 and read case 3, submit case 1

Monday - Morning class, finish group case 3-4 hrs, write case 2

Tuesday - Morning class, read for Wednesday, finish case 2, write case 3 and submit both.

Wednesday - classes 8-17, submit group case.