Time to bake!

There is a charity bake sale at university tomorrow, and I am naturally delighted to take part in it. It is an excellent reason to bake more varieties, and there is no fear of having too many. The biscuits I baked got selected based on ingredients: raspberry jam, cocoa, rye flour, cinnamon. I think there is a surplus to requirement for all of these ingredients, given that there is only bit over a month left of the term. The biscuits pictured are cinnamon-S, a traditional Finnish biscuit, rye-chocolate biscuit, a traditional Finnish and Swedish biscuit with a twist of rye, and double biscuits, which are also traditional. They consist of basic biscuits filled with raspberry jam and rolled in sugar. Usually they are round, but my round cookie cutter is too large so I make hearts instead.

Tomorrow will reveal how successful these treats are :)