Back in action

Hello, long time no see! (sorry)

I am now back in Stockholm, and classes are full on again. I returned from my travels on Monday-Tuesday night, with a plane flu that kept me laying low for a couple of days. It wasn't entirely bad thing: I had no classes until Thursday, so I had good time to unpack and settle back in. The language settings are still on English though, I seem to be unable to say the little things I used to say in Swedish before the break. Anyway this should get a shock correction as I finally start Swedish classes on Monday! Two hours, twice a week in the evenings for the entire spring. Hopefully this will do something to bring out the hiding Swedish skills that I have from my earlier education...

Otherwise this term will have very different courses than those in the autumn. We will have corporate finance, global markets theory and the first part of thesis. And Swedish for me, which is an add on module that gives me no credits, just the pleasure of learning :D